Circuit AOI 4.0

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Circuit AOI 4.0 is a set of industry-standard, automated precision inspection systems that combine precision, robust construction and line-of-sight technology for assembly and production under stringent regulatory standards and is ideal for PCB / HDI line inspection.
It uses innovative alignment detection logic to detect defects such as short / open circuit, protrusion / depression, scratch, pinhole, residual copper, line width / line distance violation, missing objects, unwanted objects, and so on. The system can be used with off-line set-up station and off-line re-check station to enhance the detection capacity.
Circuit AOI 4.0 uses multi-angle LED light source, compared to the traditional single angle light source design, can obtain the best image contrast, widely used in different plate inspection.


OffLine traditional AOI more than six times the inspection capacity.

InLine seamless integration, material replacement, continuous material production.

Centralized control systems to increase production efficiency.

Remote support service to quickly maintain productivity.

Etching monitoring to ensure output quality.


Using special plate fixation, it can obtain the best image quality inspection defect.

FSD fine short detection function can find out the fine short near lines effectively.

It owns powerful SBD calculation design and can provide superior inspection results.

AOI continuous taking the image of material quickly and continuously, the computer quickly inspection their own independent division of labor.

It can be off-line parameter setting, saving tuning time.

Defect-combination can reduce the defect count and save recheck time.

It cans feedback front-end process improvement via large data integration statistical classification.

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